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PK.D.1.2 Use categorical data to create real-object graphs.

In a Nutshell

During the course of the school year, Pre-K students will begin to use simple data to make a real-object graph. This skill is carried through kindergarten.

Student Actions

Teacher Actions

  • Build procedural fluency by organizing the information on the graph into the appropriate spaces.
  • Communicate mathematically when discussing the information presented in the graph.
  • Connect mathematical representations by providing opportunities for the students to read information on graphs.
  • Build conceptual understanding by modeling how to create a graph with objects.
  • Support productive struggle by providing opportunities to practice creating a graph with objects.

Key Understandings


  • A graph is a visual representation of data.
  • The parts and structure of a graph.
  • Mixing up the layout of a graph (starting from the top instead of the bottom.) 
  • Incorrect translation from data to graph. 
  • Focus on collecting the data.

OKMath Framework Introduction

PreK Grade Introduction

PreK Math Standards

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