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PK.A.1.2 Recognize, duplicate, and extend repeating patterns involving manipulatives, sound, movement, and other contexts.

In a Nutshell

Pre-K students will begin to work with patterns throughout the year. This process begins with identifying a pattern and being able to distinguish it from a random assortment. Next, students engage in reproducing various types of patterns in different ways. The final stage involves students being able to continue a given pattern. These skills are practiced and carried over into kindergarten.

Student Actions

Teacher Actions

  • Build conceptual understanding by recognizing and identifying patterns around them. 
  • Advance mathematical reasoning by copying patterns with manipulatives, sound, movement, etc.
  • Make generalizations when continuing or extending a given pattern.
  • Promote problem solving by providing opportunities for students to explore patterns in multiple ways.
  • Support productive struggle by allowing students to copy patterns, with clapping, movement, manipulatives, etc.
  • Pose purposeful questions to encourage students to extend patterns (“what would come next?” and “why?”)

Key Understandings


  • A pattern is a repeating arrangement that follows a rule. 
  • Once the rule is broken, the sequence is no longer a pattern.
  • A pattern is a just a sequence.
  • The elements of a pattern unit can change within a pattern.
  • The order of elements in a pattern unit is interchangeable.

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PreK Grade Introduction

PreK Math Standards


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