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A2.D.1.3 Based upon a real-world context, recognize whether a discrete or continuous graphical representation is appropriate and then create the graph.

In a Nutshell

Students will have a better understanding of discrete and continuous graphs.  They will read a real world problem and determine the most appropriate graph (discrete or continuous) to create.

Student Actions

Teacher Actions

  • Students will develop strategies for solving problems in the context of a real-world applications and select the proper representation as a discrete or continuous graph.

  • Students will model data by creating a graph that best represent the discrete or continuous data.


  • Implement tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving by allowing students to decide which representation, discrete or continuous, is the most appropriate to use for the given problem.

  • Support productive struggle in learning mathematics by asking students to use visual mathematical representations to explain and justify their choice of discrete or continuous graphs to represent their data.

Key Understandings


  • Understand a discrete graph contains distinct points where only these points have meaning in the original problem.
  • Understand a continuous graph contains a continuous line between two points where any of the points on the line have meaning in the original problem.
  • Determine if a given real world scenario is discrete or continuous and then create its graph.

  • Students confuse discrete and continuous functions 
  • Students have difficulty identifying the proper graph, discrete or continuous, given a real world scenario.

OKMath Framework Introduction

Algebra 2 Grade Introduction


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