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Algebra 2 Introduction

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Grade-Level Mathematics Actions and Processes
Descriptions of the Mathematics Actions and Processes provide a sense of what students are doing as they develop into mathematically literate students. 

Suggested Learning Progression (v2)

Links and objectives updated soon.

This year-long progression provides a sample vision for the learner experience that engages in meaningful, connected mathematics. 

2022 Objective Analysis

2016 Objective Analysis 

Analysis for each grade-level objective is provided in a manner to support deep understanding for the teacher. 

Engagement Strategies Educators can engage their students in math activities using these strategies.

An Introduction to Algebra 2 

The mathematics learning experience in Algebra 2 builds on the students’ prior experiences of functions in Algebra 1.  Students in this course will develop a sophisticated mathematical understanding of the world around them as they interpret real-world phenomena through functions.  They will persevere through problem-solving processes and communicate their procedures and results mathematically.  Students will achieve procedural fluency resulting from conceptual understanding of the four major strands: Numbers & Operations, including complex numbers; Algebraic Reasoning & Algebra, solving nonlinear equations and using them to solve real-world problems; Functions, performing operations with functions, inverse functions, and interpreting characteristics of functions and their graphs; and Data & Probability.  Algebra 2 is a springboard to upper level math courses and career paths.


Introduction to the OKMath Framework

Algebra 2 Introduction


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