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4.N.2.1 Represent equivalent fractions using fraction models (e.g., parts of a set, area models, fraction strips, number lines).

In a Nutshell

 Students will be able recognize and generate equivalent fractions using a variety of manipulative and pictorial models.

Student Actions

Teacher Actions

  • Develop mathematical reasoning using a variety of models to communicate thinking and reasoning about equivalent fractions.

  • Develop strategies for problem solving by using multiple representations to explore equivalent fractions.

  • Develop the ability to communicate mathematically by modeling and sharing models of equivalent fractions in a variety of ways (i.e. illustrations, base-ten blocks, fraction strips, number lines, fraction circles, folded paper).


  • Use and connect multiple representations when modeling equivalent fractions.

  • Support productive struggle by encouraging students to explore various models of fraction equivalence.

  • Facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse by having students discuss and analyze models of equivalent fractions, using appropriate mathematics vocabulary.



Key Understandings


  • A variety of fraction models may be used to represent equivalent fractions.


  • The numerator has to be less than the denominator.
  • Doubling the denominator doubles the size of the fraction.
  • Fractions with unlike denominators can't be equivalent (i.e., 2/3 cannot be equivalent to 4/6).

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4th Grade Introduction

4th Grade Math Standards


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