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5th Grade: Unit 2

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Unit 2: Whole Number Operations

Target Objectives

Worthwhile Task Indicators

Example Tasks









  • Make connections with the pattern of decimal place values and the metric measurement system.

  • Generalize different strategies to show value understanding when comparing and ordering decimals.

  • Use tools and representations as needed to support their thinking and problem solving.

This example task is engaging with Lego manipulatives.  Teachers will need to expand the lesson to include the thousandth place when comparing and ordering.  However, if students can really conceptualize the patterns with tenths and hundredths, then they should understand adding on the thousandths place.

Comparing Decimals with Visual Models - Learnzillion Lesson


OKMath Framework Introduction

5th Grade Introduction

5th Grade MAPs

5th Grade Learning Progression

5th Grade Objective Analysis


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