Kindergarten Introduction

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Grade-Level Mathematics Actions and Processes
Descriptions of the Mathematics Actions and Processes provide a sense of what students are doing as they develop into mathematically literate students. 

2022 Suggested Learning Progression


This year-long progression provides a sample vision for the learner experience that engages in meaningful, connected mathematics. 


2022 Objective Analysis 


2016 Objective Analysis 

Analysis for each grade-level objective is provided in a manner to support deep understanding for the teacher. 

Engagement Strategies Educators can engage their students in math activities using these strategies.

An Introduction to Kindergarten 

Kindergarten is creating the building blocks that will develop the foundation for the student’s future in mathematics.  The concepts that will form these building blocks are quantity, patterns, measurement, and data. These main concepts should be explored, modeled, and discussed through a playful mindset.  This can be done with student-led inquiry and discussions, problem based activities, and exploration, all the while asking the students for their reasoning of "why" their strategy worked. 






Introduction to the OKMath Framework

Kindergarten Introduction



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