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6.N.1.3 Explain that a percent represents parts “out of 100” and ratios “to 100.”

In a Nutshell

Percents represent a part to whole relationship in which the “whole” is always 100. This part to whole relationship can be visually modeled by shading in the “part” on a hundredths grid. A fraction can also be written to represent this shaded portion out of 100. This model will aid in explaining why a percent represents parts “out of 100” and ratios “to 100.”

Student Actions

Teacher Actions

  • Model and generalize patterns for percents by shading a hundredths grids and translating this model into fraction form.

  • Develop procedural fluency in writing and modeling percents as ratios in various forms.

  • Communicate mathematically with others through discussion or writing in order to explain how percents represent parts “out of 100” and ratios “to 100.”

  • Use and connect representations such as a hundredths grid where students model percents and translate  these  models into fraction form.

  • Facilitate mathematical discourse by providing opportunities for students to practice recognizing percents as ratios and translating percent to ratios in real-world situations.

Key Understandings


  • A number followed by a percent symbol represents a ratio comparing that number to 100.

  • A percent can be less than 1 or greater than 100.
  • Difficulty understanding why the percent symbol implies a ratio of parts per one hundred.

  • Difficulty understanding percents less than one or greater than 100 (Ex: 0.15%, 150%). 

OKMath Framework Introduction

6th Grade Introduction


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